My Father's Son

My Father's Son

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    Bruce Gandy
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1) Angus John MacNeil of Barra/Donald Willie & his Dog/Caroline's Jig
2) Frances Gandy's Diamond Year/Major William Dearborn/Nixon Wedding March
3) Mrs.Lynne Rollo/Colin Johnstone/57 Tassie Street
4) Victoria Harbour/Dr.MacInnes' Fancy/CTS Empress/P/M George Allen
5) Highland Mafia/Kirstey's Strathspey/Periwig/MacPherson's Rant/The Ferryman/Unknown/a' sireadh spors
6) Margaret Boyd's Challenge/Flett From Flotta/Meeting Of the Waters
7) L&B Sweep/Mairi Mathieson of Carloway/The New Davey/Upheaval/Ginger's Stride/Hi en harin Hio to himen/Sunday Reel/Hinge On the Gate
8) Lachlan MacNeill Campbell of Kintarberts Fancy
9) William MacDonald/Leaving Lunga
10) Eileann A' Phrionnsa/Graham & Emma's Dance/Heningham Reunion
11) Bob of Fettercairn/Islay Ball/Sound of Sleet/Brown Haired Maid
12) Banks of Lochiel/Singleton's Jig/Matt's Return from Boston/Slainte John/Thief of Pleasanton/Pride of Kearney


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  • My Father's Son

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