Live Online Lessons with Bruce!

Welcome to the new world of teaching. For the past few years, the world of internet chats and video chat has come to new heights. You can now learn to play the pipes right from the comfort of your own home! All you need is a high speed internet connection, a webcam (if your computer does not have one built in) and you need to sign up for free video chat software. The preferred choice of software at Bruce Gandy Music is Skype. Skype is very easy to install and is compatible with both PC and Mac systems. For a better audio transmission, a good external microphone will bring up a clearer transmission of the chanter. My preferred microphone is the Sony ECM MS907.

Realizing that there is a need for dedicated pipers to get help, I launched Bruce Gandy Music in 2005 and this teaching service allows the potential students the ability to learn right from their own home. The savings are wonderful for the student and you save on gas, wear and tear on your car, and most importantly, your own personal travel time. This relieves a lot of stress for the student as they are working from the comfort of their own home, and my own experiences have taught me that this leads to better focus and concentration during the lesson. Students have proven to be very dedicated over the years as these lessons provide them with a service that they otherwise would not have been able to receive.

If you wish to contact me for any of the above, I can be reached at:

Bruce Gandy
35 Paxton Drive
Dartmouth N.S
Canada B2W 4V2
Tel- 902- 435 4810
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What You Need to Begin

To start your lessons, you need a broadband [also known as "high speed"] internet connection. This kind of connection has enough speed to be able to handle high-quality audio and video. If you have a dial-up internet connection, this kind of tuition won't be possible.

FREE Software for Lessons

96px-IChat_AV_iconskype_logoThere are a couple of kinds of software that can be used for your lessons, and both are free. You can download Skype HERE, and start using it. My user name is <brucegandy>, so download the software and send me a note and we can get organized for lessons.

Another possibility is iChat, which is included free with all Apple Mac computers. Skype works well for both Mac and PC users, and iChat is a great option for Mac users.



Lessons are private, on a weekly or bi weekly basis usually. Arrangements can be made to fit in occasional single lessons based on availability.

$60 an hour

$30 per 1/2 hour

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