BC McCallum pipe chanter - poly

  • After a very long time of remodelling and tweaking the product, Bruce is pleased to announce the 2016 version of the BG McCallum chanter (which started late 2014) is currently in production and will be ready for delivery immediately.   Bruce played one for most of the summer, Alex Gandy has had it in all year and Chris Lee has played a plastic version in Scotland for the past several months. We are now very happy with the chanter which suits several reeds types, including  Shepherd, Sound Supreme, Warnock/Chesney, Troy, G1, and McLellan. We'll try a couple others in near future. I'm sure in some climates, reeds A will not fit chanter B but that is always for the owners to figure out what's working for them.     The hole diameter is smaller than our older version, and still larger than some other chanters, which allows us to get better projection. The high G is slightly flatter and I caution folks to be careful at the beginning of any new reed, as almost every reed I have tried tends to be sharp on high G until the reed gets a bit of play into it.    We have also raised the height of the A,B,and C holes. this is to make the "comfort level" better, but also allows us to raise the pitch ever so slightly. We then maintain the same base number (call it 480 on a tuner) without pushing the reed in quite as far, which should mean less tape on top hand.   NOTE: The price charged includes $8 for the PayPal fee.

  • Artist Bruce Gandy


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BC McCallum pipe chanter - poly $180.00

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